We are so excited to announce that the PreGame event series is again and bigger than ever! Join us this time at Corona Ranch for 3 months of unforgettable fun.

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Join us on September 24th back at the Corona Ranch for an amazing night of food, music, and cannabis vendors!

PreGame is a Members Only event – sign up now to get your all-access pass for you (and a plus-one!)

Deep Stories is extremely excited to bring you PreGame: Halloween Bash!

The Halloween Bash is the last of the PreGame Series for Members Only, come enjoy a night of Halloween Fun!

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Join us to revolutionize event organization and create a safe, inclusive space for all. Come immerse yourself in unforgettable experiences that leave you content and fulfilled. 


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“EVERY EVENT IS DIFFERENT! I've been to every event since July and I swear they change it up completely every time. Bring back PreGame!”

Vanessa H.

“The bands they bring out to their events are always awesome. Whoever is doing their booking deserves a raise.”

Emmanuel A.

“Keeping up with Deep Stories was the best decision I made in 2023. Can't wait to see what they do next yet!”

Ashley D.

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Deep Stories is currents an Arizona event company, focusing on events in Phoenix and the greater Phoenix area. Our team has experience throwing events all over the country and is very excited to branch out into other states as a group soon.

Deep Stories Members Only is a subscription service that gets you access to all of our smaller event series with a plus one, coupons and special pricing to any large festivals that we host, and many more event specials from our partners and sponsors – all for just $6.99.

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“Facility Agents” or FA’s, are licensed employees of a dispensary in the state of Arizona. There are other license types as well, a DA – Dispensary Agent, or an employee of a dispensary that only sells Medicinal Cannabis in the state of Arizona, and an LA – Laboratory Agent, an employee of a facility that processes cannabis.

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